Rising to the challenge of the renal anatomy1,2

  • JELMYTO combines mitomycin with sterile hydrogel, designed with a proprietary reverse-thermal technology (RTGelTM) that allows it to transform from a chilled liquid at instillation into a gel at body temperature
  • Once instilled under fluoroscopy into the renal pelvis via catheter (or nephrostomy tube), JELMYTO fills and conforms to the complex anatomy—thereby exposing tumors to JELMYTO. This unique technology makes chemoabation possible in the treatment of low-grade UTUC

JELMYTO: Changing the treatment paradigm for low-grade UTUC1, 3, 4

Chemoablation with JELMYTO is a primary treatment option for low-grade tumors

Old paradigm: Biopsy then Resection/ablation? then RNU. New paradigm: Biopsy then JELMYTO (mitomycin) for pyelocalyceal solution.
The OLYMPUS trial enrolled patients with LG-UTUC with at least one measurable tumor 5 to ≤ 15 mm located above the ureteropelvic junction. Larger tumors could be debulked prior to treatment to be eligible.1

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