Jelmyto: Technology that reaches beyond the tumor

  • Using an innovative reverse-thermal hydrogel (RTGel™) that fills and conforms to the complex renal anatomy, Jelmyto allows for 4-6 hours of sustained exposure to mitomycin1
  • By delivering chemoablative therapy to the upper tract, Jelmyto completes the primary treatment regimen across diverse presentations, even those that are endoscopically unreachable1,2
Unifocal Disease
Multifocal Disease
Jelmyto should NOT be instilled immediately following resection or ablation.
Kidney illustration with circled tumor

Multimodal Regimen:

  • Resection or ablation of visible disease3
  • Chemoablation with Jelmyto once weekly for 6 weeks for sustained exposure to mitomycin1
Kidney illustration with circled tumors
Kidney illustration with circled tumor

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Multimodal treatment algorithm

Assess which regimen is right for your patient with low-grade UTUC

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