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I am determined to keep my kidney for tomorrow.
*JELMYTO is given through a procedure that does not require removal of the kidney.

Proven to help eliminate tumors in low-grade UTUC

JELMYTO was tested in a clinical study called the OLYMPUS Study. Patients who took part in the study had low-grade UTUC. Some of these patients had very hard-to-reach tumors that could not be removed with endoscopic management. The findings from OLYMPUS showed that:

58% of patients had their tumors disappear after treatment with JELMYTO

Illustration depicts a group of patients, with 58% colored in to indicate success rate

Results achieved when JELMYTO was given once a week for 6 weeks.

Illustration depicts a calendar with the text

At 1 year, a majority of the patients who had their tumors disappear were still tumor free

Surgery isn't the only way to fight low-grade UTUC. Ask your doctor if JELMYTO is right for you

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